All Testimonials are 100% genuine.

I have original copies of my testimonials which can be seen on request. In fact, if they are on my website, I will normally have them with me when quoting for a job.

All testimonials were mailed to me by clients and include full names, addresses and contact details

For fairly obvious reasons I don't disclose any of my clients details online (see 1st paragraph).

I don't alter, edit or otherwise make changes to any testimonials that I post on-line. All are copied and posted word for word.

All are recent, I replace and update them as and when new ones become available.

Finally, to all clients who have took the time to write references with regard to me and my work. Thank you very much. I appreciate each and every one of you for giving me a bit of your valuable time.

Thank you....Paul

Testimonial 1 Dave and Michelle from Orrell Wigan 2013