About me

A quick Insight (1976-2013)

I have worked in the trade for over 30 years...

I spent my initial years working as a trainee paint sprayer in R.J.Edwards Engineering St Johns Road Waterloo..

I first became self-employed and started off trading as far back as 1979-80. At that time I worked a lot in the Crosby area of Liverpool. I was known by most people as Paul the Painter. I still have a business card which dates back to that era:).

After a few years of self-employment I took up direct employment and worked for numerous firms. I gained a lot of experience of working in various environments including office refurbishment and new build, public houses, nursing homes, retirement homes, hospitals, shop fitting and the list goes on.

Started off the 90s working for Costains at that time they were based in fazakerly.

I spent the rest of the 90s working around the Country for various firms including Churchtown Decorators who did a lot of shopfitting at that time.

I was actually working in Harrods for some other firm on the new Armani store when princess Diana died. I remember signing the book of condolences while there.

During the 90s I also spent a lot of time working in Germany on various projects in Berlin, Munich, Leipzig, and various other places including the Congress Centrum in Suhl. The German people were always very good to us and I made some good friends while working there. I also picked up some interesting techniques from the German Mahlers and left them some tips and tricks of my own.

late 90s I went back in to self-employment and traded under the name of Greensleeves and Mayflower for a while before reverting back to Paul the Painter. I recently changed to kellypds...Kelly Painting and Decorating Services. Not for any underhand reasons or I wouldn't mention it here. I wanted a short www name that was easy to type in a browser.

Also a shorter name is so much easier for any number of reasons. I have retained the same phone number and address for over 30yrs. Hopefully some of my past Clients may find me here.

The last 12-13years I have worked a lot for various firms on a CIS card. I have also completed a lot of my own projects including large Office complexes, smaller office work and a number of public houses. Iam familiar with how insurance companies work and have a lot of experience in this sector.

About 75% of my work over the last 30 years or more has been private residential. Overall there can't be many decorators around who have my experience.

I offer a free (no-obligation)quote.